Tarrytown- 2022

This combined third-year graduate and senior undergraduate design studio investigated climate-associated flood and inundation risks to Tarrytown, New York’s popular waterfront.  The Tarrytown waterfront, located on the east side of the Hudson River about one hour north of New York City by car or train, is very popular and used by many. However, the waterfront itself is bisected by the railroad tracks, which limits waterfront access points. That said, the Tarrytown waterfront has many assets that are important to the economy, recreation, and transportation portfolio of the city and the region.  Notable features along and near the waterfront include public parks, a senior center, a marina, a boat club, a commuter train depot, public facilities, and businesses. Nearby developments situate low and/or high income residents, and others are planned for renovation or replacement.

The studio explored topics including equitable waterfront access and economic development, tourism interests and local needs, and new growth amongst Tarrytown’s unique ecological and cultural heritage.  At the same time the waterfront area is prone to flooding during today’s extreme weather events, compounded by sea level rise associated with climate change. Studio projects explored this new climate footprint and the future of the Tarrytown’s waterfront in ways that are culturally and ecologically resilient, in consideration of Tarrytown’s vision for their waterfront. The design team was comprised of 15 graduate and two undergraduate students in the LA7010/LA4010 Fall Design Studio.


 2022 CaD Tarrytown Lookbook Slide Deck

2022 CaD Tarrytown Exhibition Slide Deck

     Image by Hang Wang and Xue Xia


by Hang Wang and Xue Xia MLA’23



By Xiaomeng Cai, MLA’23


Image by Xiaomeng Cai

Image by Ilana Haimes

Remaking the Inland Waterfront

By Ilana Haimes MLA’23


Traces of Change

By Vanessa Dikuyama Zapata MLA’23

Image by Vanessa Dikuyama Zapata

Image by Yunge Hu

The Rampart

By Yunge Hu MLA’23

 Marshland Horizon

By Xinying Zhou MLA’23 and Ying Zhang MLA’23

Image by Xinying Zhou and Ying Zhang

Image by Sangita Bhatacharjee

Reconnecting the Connections

By Sangita Bhatacharjee MLA ’23


Invitation for Change

By Hilary Mulford BSLA’23

Image by Hilary Mulford

Image by Hanrui Fu and Ziyue Hu

Acclimatizing Hudson

By Hanrui Fu MLA ’23 and Ziyue Hu MLA’23


Elegies of Futures Past

By Aishwarya Shankar MLA’23



Image by Aishwarya Shankar

Image by Xiaoyun Ren

Adaptation in Tarrytown

By Xiaoyun Ren MLA’23

Upland-Waterfront Connector

By Genjiaqi Chang MLA ’23



Image by Genjiaqi Chang